DBQ Imperialism

Topics: Colonialism, British Empire, Europe Pages: 3 (792 words) Published: January 11, 2015
AP World History

Catherine Phamduy
Western Imperialism

As the human population grew in numbers, the world became smaller, leading to imperialism, and as a result, a rise in racial superiority, native culture intrusions, and the expansion of many different colonies. Additional documents that would further support this statement are the informal letters written by leaders addressed to one another. Also important is hearing the voices of the natives whose lands were taken. It would be interesting to see how they all have really felt as imperialism took hold of the world and made it smaller.

Racial superiority led Europeans to believe that they can take over the world because tier race and county is better, thus leading Europeans to assume power over the less sophisticated (in terms of industrialization). For instance, Thomas Babington of the British “Supreme Court for India” had exclaimed that “Western literature” had an “intrinsic superiority”. However, Babington supposed superiority because he comes from Britain, which at the time was thriving with prosperity. Therefore, to come to a nation lacking in the sophisticated technology of the British led him to think that these people were far lower than that of the British, and therefore, to remark in a crude way that their language is “so poor and rude”, which on the larger aspect is saying that India is less than Britain because of its racial supremacy (Document 2). Likewise, Jules Ferry speaks on behalf of the French that “superior races have rights over inferior races”, which means that he obviously considers the French race to be more superior to that of all other nations

(Document 6). In addition, the United State’s “assertion ownership” over Hawaii represents that Americans believe that because they are Americans, they could assume leadership over Hawaii territory. This variation of manifest destiny had allowed Americans to think that their race is better than others (Document 8)....
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