Dbq Imperialism

Topics: Colonialism, Asia, Southeast Asia Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: April 22, 2012
Rebecca Hunt
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Imperialism DBQ
Due to industrialization the world became much more
advanced in ways such as exploring new parts of the world that were thought to be unknown. Industrialization started to push both Europeans and Americans to reach the new extents of the world , which are known as Africa, Asia and South East Asia. During the mid 17th Century many changes began to occur due to the new effects of finding the new regions. As an outcome , the changes led to many massive effects in social, economic and political areas. This seemed to effect the colonized nations but also those who were being colonized .

Social life during the time of industrialization became very heavily looked upon. Religion was a large factor in the social aspect of colonization. For example, Document 3 , states "...We have the Bible now they have the land." This shows that since the arrival of the colonizers what used to be African land now belongs to the white men , as well as the religion Christianity. The document was slightly biased. Written by an African(pov), the document shows that the black roles and white roles became

switched. Document 4 , quoted from Josiah Strong states the " Competiton of Races" . This seems to be a negative effect of imperialism. This document seems very biased considering the reverend is a christian.

Documents 1 and 5 discuss the effect of economic production. Document 1 refers to imperialism as being a positive aspect. The author, O.P. Austin shares that imperialism is bringing in new things such as railroads, roads, trains, canals and telegraphs. The author seems to be the colonized americans and all for

imperialism. Document 5, written by John Hobson , states that imperialism has negative effects due to the lack of money being recieved by the merchants. It becomes harder because of the new inventions and less needed man labor.

Documents 2 and 6 express the political effects of...
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