Dbq- the Acquistion of African Colonies

Topics: British Empire, Africa, Colonialism Pages: 3 (891 words) Published: August 24, 2011
In the period of 1880 to 1914, positive and negative attitudes ascended throughout the acquisition of African colonies. Some thought that it would reinforce Europe's economy and government, others supposed it would add pressures to Europe; it end up being a benefit to the economy, strengthen the nation and civilizing Africa. Motivations would be up brought upon the vague consideration about this dilemma. Some of the motivations were seen with positive attitudes about the acquisition with the pro imperialist who benefited the economy in documents 2, 5, and 12. During the acquisition, the purchase of the Suez Canal was seen more of a positive attitude towards the government it was a nationalistic attitude. Benjamin Disraeli discusses his opinion of the Suez Canal how it should be purchase for the benefit of the strengthening of the empire rather than a financial investment. He expresses his attitude discussing how he would not recommend that purchase as a commercial speculation but rather for the rise of the empire (D2). Since Benjamin Disraeli was delivering a speech to the House of Commons, he probably chose his words carefully as his purpose was to persuade members to support his political agenda (POV). Cecil Rhodes emphasizes his attitude when he mentions that 5 % increase of philanthropy is better than just good stating that increases will always be a benefit, he agrees with the acquisition (D5). For Louis Bernard his encouraging attitude can be seen when he mentions that his new conquering of Algeria he was allowed to forget his humiliation back in France. His participation allowed him to annexed provinces, Alsace and Lorraine making it also a nationalistic attitude (D12). The positive attitudes whether it included economic or nationalistic that were seen here expressed the perspectives of important individuals towards the European acquisition of the colonies. Some motivations also had negative attitudes that were seen towards the acquisition about...
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