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Topics: British Empire, World War II, Colonialism Pages: 4 (1726 words) Published: June 8, 2015
Introduction (Nicole)
We are going to talk about Decolonization but before this, we want to explain how the decolonization comes: Imperialism, It´s a consequence of the industrial revolution, in which the industrialize countries took power of the new territories. At 17th hundreds and 18th hundreds Great Britain was the biggest empire, because it had colonize all over the world. Therefore, they took position of new territories with the intention of exportating andto obtain rool materials. The most important British colonize were: Canada, Australia, New Zeland, Ireland, India and Africa. A definition for Decolonization: is the action of changing from Colonial to Independence status. It was gradual process peaceful for some British colonies but violent for others. After world war two, European countries generally lacked the weath and political support necessary to suppress faraway revolts; They also faced opposition from the new superpowers, the U.S and the soviet unión, both of which had taken positions against colonialism.

New nations India (Diana)

The British considered India the brightest jewel in the crown, the most valuable of all Britain’s colonies because it was a major supplier of raw materials for its industries. Although it was a large potential market for British-made goods. Indian competition with British goods was prohibited. It also held much of the political and economic power. Because of that, Indian became servants and the British had racist attitudes, consciousness of their superiority. That caused annoyance among Indian. Their fellings of resentment and nacionalism increased. After World War II, countries began to question the policy of colonialism. Many leaders argued that no country should control another nation. Therefore Indian resistance intensified when Britain commited India’s armed forces to World War II without first consulting the colony’s elected representatives. As a consequence, Mohandas Gandhi launched a...
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