Demonstrative Communication

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Paralanguage Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Demonstrative Communication Paper
Demonstrative communication is a verbal, nonverbal and non-written way of communicating with someone or a targeted audience. The components that make up Demonstrative Communication are one’s facial expressions; tone of voice, body language, and how they dress Demonstrative communication is a common way of communicating with others to understand or demonstrate the needs of another which is normally important. With discretion of the type of audience that one is involved with, Demonstrative Communication can vary and will have its pros and cons. Understanding the type of audience one has, can alter what aspects of Demonstrative Communication they might use to communicate what they are trying to convey. Demonstrative communication is defined as the process of sending and receiving messages in which we all exchanging thoughts, messages, or information. One of the most common ways to communicate non-verbally is with our body language and facial expressions. For example, if someone has a headache while they are at work, they might show nonverbal cues such as rubbing their forehead, squinting their eyes, or roll their neck and head back and forth. All of these nonverbal cues would as sinuate to other coworkers that he/she has a headache and is having a hard time working. Another example would be tone of voice; If we saw to people raising their voice at each other and they showed signs of animated body language, it would be safe to deduct that they were having a disagreement or argument. The pros of Demonstrative Communication are the obvious clues that can lead the receiver to a valid conclusion that someone is upset; (seeing someone cry), mad (seeing them slam things down or yell), happy (by the smile on their face or laughter), or even in pain (by the rubbing of their head or rolling their head around). These types of nonverbal clues allow us to know how one is feeling without having to ask them. The cons to Demonstrative...
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