Economic Concerns vs. Religious Concerns in the Settling of British North America

Topics: Colonialism, Slavery, Religion Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: August 18, 2013
During the Colonial period, as settlers trickled in from the Old World, it was only after many years of economic unrest that this became possible. The New World was a prosperous land for change. There, settlers had the freedom to pursue aspirations that were far less tangible in England. One of the most pressing issues that led to the colonization of the New World was the need for more and cheaper products beyond the Mediterranean; this was ultimately the first step in the many ways that the New World created economic prospects for those yearning for a more prosperous future. Economic concerns of the settlers in North America were notably greater than religious concerns during the colonial era, due to the decline in the British economy and lack of financial opportunities.

Economic concerns were also what ultimately led to the colonization of North America as the desire for silver and gold, and the need for a passageway to the Indies and China became a must for England. Queen Elizabeth herself sponsored voyages over to the New World in hopes of rivaling Spain’s control. Before the colonization had even actually happened, economic concerns were what got England in North America in the first place. In 1606, the Virginia Company of London received a charter from King James I of England to create a settlement in the New World. The main thing to be taken away from this opportunity was, of course, the promise of gold.

As the settlement of the New World continued, more and more young men filtered in. The agonizing tradition of fortune being left to the oldest son was not satisfactory for many second sons, and so the prospect for fortune, land, and recognition commenced in America. While many did not have land in the Mother Country, it was easy to come by in the New World. Opportunities for wealth were bountiful and run rampant as cash crops swept the settlers. Tobacco, the “brown gold” was cheap and in-demand in England. This crop was literally turned into instant...
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