Emergence of Mass Culture

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Glenn Walker

Discuss some of the concerns and anxieties aroused by the emergence of ‘mass culture’.

Past, Current and the Future, mass culture as changed and developed and will keep on developing as time goes by as technology is still progressing as we speak creating more varieties of mass communication making it easier for the consumer to commute their daily lives. With the development of anything there is always issues that arise, as in 1985 ‘Coca Cola’ bought out ‘New coke’ which caused an immediate dilemma due to the after taste that it brought after consuming. This was a branding disaster for ‘Coca Cola’ and resulted in the company losing out on customers to rivals such as ‘Pepsi’. This shows that a development of a product such as coca cola had problems with emergence so this means that when mass culture is developing it will allegedly have concerns that will or should arise.

However before we look at the concerns and anxieties that have arose from mass culture developing we first need to understand ‘what is mass culture?’ as Raymond William calls culture ‘one of the two or three most complicated words in the English dictionary’.

Mass culture is basically a set of cultural values and that are brought up from a common exposure of a population to the same cultural activities, communications media, music and art. Mass culture is at the bottom of the hierarchy below high and popular but it has the most amount of people within it which makes it ideal for the media to target. This is why most advertisements are designed for mass culture in mind as ‘between 80 and 90 per cent of new products fail despite extensive advertising’ and the companies that develop the new products want them to succeed and thrive profit.

Mass culture is the way it is today due to industrialization and urbanization as before these Britian had only two cultures, ‘common culture’ and ‘elite culture’ but...

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