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The best thing in my life.

Hi my name is Mark. I am 19 years old and I live in Glasgow with my mom. We live in a little house and we don’t have so much money. My mom is 60 years old and she doesn’t have a work, and I am studying to be a farmer. I have a work beside my study, I am helping a big Farmer on he’s farm to feed the cows, and drive some tractor so I am never so often in the big cities. We live in a little house outside Glasgow in the country. In the summer vacation, I am going to London by myself. I am so excited to see the Cafés, the markets and going to know some of the locals. I am shopping very much and find some really nice clothes. I got a lot of money from my work. And I am going to spend a lot of my money here because it’s so nice to be here, and I really like to eat the really good food on some of the really good restaurants, The thing I ate the most was Pizza, I know that England is not good pizza makers but I really like the Hawaii Pizza here in London it tastes really good. The hotel I live on is a four stared with a pool. And the hotel room is good with air-condition and flat screen TV. The day before I should home, I went to a Casino and spent some money there. I played some Poker and roulette. When I was finished I got 10.000 pounds. I was really happy that I got so many money on it. When I was just about 500 meters from home, my phone called it was my mom, I said “Hi its Mark” My mom answered “Hey Mark its mom guess what?” I said “I don’t know what’s going on?” She said “I just won1.000.000 pounds!” First I thought she was lying but then I believed her. I was so happy so I Jumped around and hugged everybody. And I didn’t sleep that night because of happiness.
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