european imperialism and nationalism

Topics: Africa, Colonialism, United States Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: February 21, 2014
Imperialism was the driving force that made people become nationalists. European imperialism caused many countries to begin having nationalist feeling towards their own country. The idea of using nationalist’s feelings to imperialize other countries leaded to the World Wars. Europe conquered many different places during this time to modernize and create a more European world, which many countries began to reject.

Imperialism is extending the rule or authority of a nation over foreign countries by acquiring or holding countries. The Europeans were imperialists who took over many countries, one of those countries being Africa. During what they call the “Scramble for Africa”, Europe colonized most of Africa using force. They wanted the resources and they wanted to have Africa industrialized. European nationalists also thought it was a bonus to be able to say they had African Colonies. Nationalism is the patriotic feeling towards ones own country. This nationalist feeling also began to become apparent in the African people who began to rebel against the European imperialism.

European conquest all over the world caused a spark in many countries. Nationalism is usually a result of some type of conflict, for example, Europe and Egypt. Europe taking control of Egypt and the Suez Canal lead to a nationalist uprising in Egypt. The Egyptians didn’t want to become Europeans and made their opinions shown. Europe being the technologically advanced country intervened and took control before the uprising had much effect. The European imperialism created strong feelings of nationalism all over the world because they were coming into people’s homes and people didn’t take that well, especially since Europe conquered places with wars.

The idea of both imperialism and nationalism had been a major part of many people’s lives growing up during this time. Hitler used nationalism to convince people of his own country that everyone should be German like them. These people...
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