Europeans' Concept of New Imperialism

Topics: British Empire, Colonialism, East India Company Pages: 2 (799 words) Published: June 7, 2013
In the late nineteenth century, with the majority of the globe under their control, the Europeans sought to dominate Africa and Asia through New Imperialism. The Europeans' concept of New Imperialism was constructed for the purpose of gaining access over the markets and resources that belonged to Africa and Asia. Desperate attempts from European powers to get as much resources from Africa as possible, left it in a tense and divided state. With European influences and technologies, Asia suffered from instability and loss of customs. Along with the presence of their colonies, the Europeans took away the culture and religions of the African and Asian peoples. It was through the system of New Imperialism and the thought that Africa and Asia were in dire need of Europe's guidance, that Africa and Asia were subject to major changes in their way of living and beliefs.

During the 1740s the Dutch developed a trading post in Cape Colony, that was used for the production of fresh food for the incoming vessels, but it was soon swiped by the British. The British were supportive of the native peoples, the Zulus, and sought to remove the Dutch, or the Afrikaners, from its current position. Tensions increased between the Afrikaners and the British, and eventually turned to war. The war resulted in the gaining of Afrikaner or Boer rights and the unification of the Boers within the British Empire. When the Boer nation emerged, a seemingly permanant policy of racial domination took over South Africa; corrupting it. In the 1870s the Congo of Central Africa became King Leopold II's area of conquest; using its inhabitants as laborers in the production of ivory, rubber, and minerals. Combined with the pressures of the Belgian government under Leopold's demand, there was a continuos fray over the division of Africa into the Two Congos between King Leopold II and the French, causing two seperate effects in the same area.

India was under the control of the British through the...
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