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Topics: New World, Colonialism, Christopher Columbus Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: February 24, 2014

Did Exploration have a Positive or Negative affect on Our World?
“Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World.” This is a quote that was stated by one of the most famous explorers of the late 1400’s and continuing into the 1500’s, his name was Christopher Columbus. Columbus, being the first to find the Americas, besides the Indians, was the start of a time of exploration. Although exploration can be looked at as a bad thing, I would like to recognize the perks of exploration. One positive result of exploration was over sea trade between countries. Exploration also led to colonization, so people settled in somewhere they thought they could succeed. Another perk of exploration was cultural diffusion. In this so called expansion of the world, three main positive branches of exploration were trade, colonization, and cultural diffusion, which led to the world to its present ideas and way of life.

One of the greatest things that resulted because of exploration was trade. Africa, Europe and America came up with this great idea called triangular trade. Slaves and goods were sent all over these countries. Although we thought we had a lot of slaves we actually

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didn’t compare to other countries. Some goods that were shipped during this period were; sugar, molasses, and cocoa. Having these goods led to developments of towns and cities. And with cities and success brings us to our next perk colonization.

Colonization was big during this time period. People settled in America and some in Africa. This colonization led to growth in population. With much population growth this led to labor demand. Jobs were in need and cities were built and inventions and more to trade. These cities later had functioning governments. They also had technology, not the technology you would things of but things such as plumbing and other stuff like that. Although we did not have any appreciation for individual and group differences during this time, a lot came out...
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