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Amber Brion Wells December 6, 2012 WVHS Period 7 2007 PART C Essay Free Response

Throughout the periods 1450-1800 The Russian Empire occurred during the New Imperialism Age, it had expanded further economies and strengthen international role. Russian had began expanding east in its search for a warm-water port and arable land. Also the Russian empire formed strict Christian monarchies to control territory. The Russians also actively spread their religion in new territories. Though the Russian Empire also encountered conflict during their Imperialistic age; with the Japanese during the Russo-Japanese War. Which the Russians had then lost and were defeated and then also Spaniards encountered in Latin America.

Russia was much more enlightening in its empire-building than Spain. While the Russians were busy focusing on expanding the mother country and incorporating newly captured land into the empire in search of a warm-water port and arable land, Spanish conquistadors acquired land from across an ocean to funnel raw materials into the Spanish economy. This was much easier for Russia to control its closer acquisitions than for the Spanish, who were rather distant from their colonies. However, both the Spanish and Russian empires did not take part in this mad dash for land, but instead focused on colonies elsewhere. Spanish had continued to profit from its Latin American possessions and Russia continued to expand eastward across Asia.

The Russian conquerors allowed new possessions to establish factories and actively industrialize with the rest of the country. This was then leading to a stronger sense of unity and nationalism. The nationalistic identity in the Spanish empire was much more focused on the local community. Rather than...
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