French and Indian War

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Tension in the New World
The French and Indian War undoubtedly created new tension in the colonies. After the conflict had finished, the colonist’s independent attitudes surfaced. Many had grown tired of British insults and being looked down on by the mother country. After the war, Britain’s debt was immense. The mother country’s solution was to impose taxes upon the colonists to erase the debt, seeing as the war was most beneficial to them. This new responsibility was not welcomed by the colonists who, with their new sense of unity, found a common resentment towards England. Along with the resentment, colonists saw no reason for British occupation to continue because the French threat was no longer present. This was the spark the ignited the fight for independence.

Britain’s highly elitist attitude increased tensions with the colonists. Their “better than you” attitude was exhibited during the war when no respect was given to colonial volunteers. English soldiers did not recognize the colonial soldiers as fellow countrymen and often times treated them badly with rude insults. (Muntone) The reason for this resentment was the British felt the colonies did not do their part in winning the war. Colonists were stereotyped as men who desert their army and disobey leaders. Those who honorably fought for the mother country were angered when the English soldiers were spitting insults at them. The colonists united during this war, a unit that would stick together after the war when the British became their main antagonist. (Welling)

The French in North America were viewed by the colonists as the obstacle blocking western expansion. After the war, the colonies were infuriated when the British created their own blockade of western expansion. This only increased the resentment of the English in the colonies. Many felt that with the French threat erased, there was no longer a need for British occupation. (“Results of the French and Indian War”) Colonists were growing...

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