French And Indian War DBQ

Topics: French and Indian War, Colonialism, United States Pages: 4 (1127 words) Published: March 14, 2015
Rachel Sparks
US History
February 19, 2015
For decades, the French traded with the Indian tribes. This move created a civilized alliance with the Indians so that they could have a new region to claim as New France. Precious beaver furs was the main selling point. Soon enough, tensions rose whenever Pennsylvanians and Virginians decided that they also wanted to lay claims on this new found frontier land. This led to massive conflict between the colonies and ended up being one of the most brutal massacres in history. This is also known as the Seven Years’ War. The French and Indian war changed the relationship between the British and American colonies. By seeing this land as a way to enhance each’s wealth and power they would go to no extent to reach their goal, no matter what the consequences were. The French and Indian war changed the perspective of British and American colonies in about every way of economically, ideologically, and politically. Politically it effected the colonies by republicanism, ideologically because of independence, and economically through the taxation.

In document one, the colonial power in pre-war 1754 started out as evenly disputed throughout North America. Some of the colonial power over certain parts of North America were shared between Great Britain and the French before the war. Then, the power in post-war 1763 looked as if the British had almost total control of North America. The only parts it didn’t own was Louisiana and Texas, which was owned by the Spanish. The great gain of control in power and expansion of territories for Britain led to more responsibility. When the British began taking over politically, they started changing government by wanting a republican system over the English monarchy. Document four states how the colonial militiamen were denied access to the clothes and or supplies they needed, even though they were Englishmen born, they were not the regular British. These colonial men were being held under...
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