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The French and Indian War was a battle between the colonies of British America and New France over territories. The British victory caused France to be banished from the real world. This war changed the political, economical, and logical relations between Britain and the North American colonies. The debt of the English led to a taxation of the colonists. This altered the way they looked at their country.

After the French and Indian War the countries that colonized North America had shifted. English colonies began dominating the New World after 1763. The Proclamation of 1763 was established to close off the frontier to colonial expansion. The British hoped this Proclamation would prevent further conflict. The colonists were mad because they believed that they were being deprived of their freedom.

Another change happened in Britain’s abandonment of their salutary neglect policy. England was left in debt after the French and Indian War, so they began to strictly regulate trade and impose taxes on common items. Even though Britain wanted these changes, the colonist felt that it was unfair taxation in order to pay-off their debt.

The sudden taxation and regulation changed the economic relationship between the colonists and their country. Before the French and Indian War, Americans were forced to ship raw materials to Britain and then later bought the finished products from them. With the heavy British taxation, the idea of mercantilism was dropped, and the British decided to fight back. The Stamp Act was established and it made the colonists want to repeal. By using boycotting as their defense mechanism, they practiced non- importation and non-consumption. This harmed the economic relationship between the two parties.

Colonial ideological values towards Britain began to change during the war. The colonists were able to proceed with the boycotts, proving they could unite and make a change. Before the Proclamation of 1763 the colonists...
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