Functions of Mass Media

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Mass media is used to target majority of people (or masses) at national or international level. Television, radio, billboards, internet, newspapers, websites, blogs, movies etc. Are the main sources through which messages are prepared (by making advertisements or promotional campaigns) and are conveyed to the audience in different forms. The electronic media, internet media and print media enables the viewers to keep in touch with all kinds of current event. Differentorganizations and businesses use mass media to promote their products which serves as a source of income for both the businesses (in the form of increasedsales) and the customer (in the form of providing value added information). Media is a great source of entertainment and public messages for the betterment of society. The critical reviews on articles regarding various social, business and ethical issuespublished in web and newspaper create an environment which fosters exchange of knowledge. Media is also a representative of one's culture and traditions. It serves as a platform to provide freedom of speech to the people of society. One of the negative aspects of media is that sometimes source of media is not that much reliable the way it should be in some cases. It can be used for advocating negative aspect in the society to serve one's personal interests. People might perceive different meanings out of the messages received from the media. Media if used politically or used with bias can create adverse effects on the viewers.

Functions of the Mass Media:
Though there are two main functions of mass communication, which are overt and latent functions of communication, six specific functions of the mass media could be identified here. These are:

1.Surveiance of the environment. This is the collection and distribution of information within and outside a particular environment. The information flow is necessary for unity and coherence if we live in the society of collectivity;

2. Correlation of...
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