Gifted Children

Topics: Intelligence quotient, Intelligence, Intellectual giftedness Pages: 3 (899 words) Published: November 20, 2011
Concerning the development of the cognitive process, most individuals envision memory, intelligence, language, information processing, and attention. The developmental process consists of many degrees of intelligence ranging from mental retardation to the extremely gifted and creative individuals. To examine the gifted individual more closely, an interview was conducted with a woman named Deloris Tamers regarding her daughter Olivia Tamers. Olivia tamers IQ score revealed that she has an IQ of 145. Gifted and creative individuals have their own distinctive features and characteristics. Santrock (2007), describes gifted individuals as developing high intelligences and IQ’s of 130 and higher. They also demonstrate exceptional abilities that exceed the average individual (p. 313). Children classified as gifted may excel in one specific area or many different areas. Deloris describes Olivia as exhibiting gifted abilities as early as age two. Olivia demonstrated the ability to speak three syllable words and could verbalize in an adult manner. Deloris recalls that Olivia mastered many developmental and cognitive milestones such as walking, crawling, and speaking at an early age. Additionally, she required minimal instruction from adults to accomplish or master a task. Deloris recalls Olivia being less emotional than the rest of her children. However, Olivia required quite alone time or she would become disruptive and act out. At the age of three she could read numerous words and traced letters in book to teach herself how to write. When Olivia reached elementary school she was tested on her cognitive ability. The results concluded that she could converse and listen simultaneously. As Olivia approached middle school (nine to ten) she was reading from dictionaries, encyclopedias, and participating in gifted classes. She was overly motivated on subjects she had a particular interest for. Olivia excelled in subjects such as science, math, and sporting activities....

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