God’s bits of the wood

Topics: Colonialism, Africa, Novel Pages: 4 (701 words) Published: May 16, 2014
Islamic Republic of Mauritania
University of Nouakchott
Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences
Department of English

Title of the Novel : God’s bits of the wood ( Les bouts de bois de Dieu ) Author : Sembene Ousmane

The main characters of the novel

Fa Keita : dean of layers of rails. He supported the strikers since the beginning.

Tiemoko : one of the delegates of Bamako

Doudou : secretary of the railwaymen’s federation

Penda : a prostitute that becomes a leader of women

Ramatoulaye : a brave woman who dared to kill his brother’s ram in order to nourrish her family

The God’s bits of wood is a novel produced by the great senegalese writer Sembene Ousmane. This novels talks about a strike that railwaymen went on because of the injustice they have been through. In this novel, the author tries to highlight the african society in the colonial period after the Second World War. How the colonial power persecutes, treats injustly, oppresses brutally and in an atrocious way the african people. On the other hand, he tries to show the african society in all its manifestations : how the social fabric is organised ? what is the role of each individual, specially the one of woman , to play in society ? How collectivistic the society is specially in the time of sorrow , fear and danger ? The God’s bits of wood tells the story of railwaymen going on strike because of the injustice they have been facing from the colonial power. So, when they had enough, they decided to go on strike. And they did, but they were not so prepared because of lack of experience. They had never gone on strike before, at least the majority of them. Strikers were responded heavily by the colonial power. Some of them are either emprisoned as Fa keita and Konaté, hurt as La Petite Adjibidji or killed as the old Niakoro, not to...
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