Golden Age

Topics: Colonialism, Colony, Woman Pages: 2 (737 words) Published: September 8, 2013
Eldar Uzicanin        
Golden age
AP US history
       We see evidence of it everywhere we look, lush wilderness and amazing animals. That is what the colonists saw when they arrived to the Americas. A land that no one else had been to or experienced before, this is where America took its first breath. When the colonists arrived there were many people looking for a new life and retreat from the harsh rule of the queen. Both men and women looking to start a new life but women were already outnumbered and at a disadvantage. Many consider this time in U.S history to have been a “Golden age” for women but there are also those who are against it. The colonial period was not a “golden age” for women because of living conditions, politics and hard labor.        Living conditions in this time was appalling. This was a time where reaching the age of 45 was considered a long life. Women were especially vulnerable because they were the ones giving birth and it is well known that a woman's immune system is weaker than most people making her more susceptible to disease than other people. Even if she could make it to the point of childbirth the risk of her dying while she had the baby was very high (Norton,35). During this time having no front teeth was very common and bathing even two times a month was something to admire if you could. This was even worse for the female slaves during this time. The way the white women lived at this time was considered upper class when you see how they live and how they were treated.        This takes us to the hard excruciating labor and abuse they faced every day. Women were considered caretakers of their home and family. While their husbands were off growing tobacco and bringing money, the women were in charge of the entire household. This meant that they had to go out if they were lucky enough to have livestock, to milk the cows, collect eggs from chickens and salt meats so they could be preserved for the hard winters....
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