Gouverneur Morris Questioning People

Topics: American Revolutionary War, Prime minister, Royal Proclamation of 1763 Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Gouverneur Morris Role Play
1. To Soame Jenyms: What are your reasons for opposing the taxation policies in the colonies and Britain? It seems strange that a representative on the Board of Trade would oppose the methods of the mother country.

2. To Sir Edmund Burke: Since you are part of a minority which would prefer violence between the colonists and Native Americans as you do not support the Royal Proclamation of 1763, I must ask why you have this belief.

3. To Sir William Wentworth: While I find the acts on taxation for the colonists quite reasonable, please would you elaborate, with your great knowledge on the matter, on how the effectiveness of the acts can be increased?

4. To Sir Edmund Burke: Being a man against creating revenue for your own home country, explain your anti-British ideas on how the moderate taxation acts are as you believe them to be.

5. To Sir Thomas Thornton: As protest against the 1763 Proclamation is occurring in the colonies, how would you plan on preventing this as both the safety of the colonists and Native Americans would be in jeopardy?

6. To Sir William Wentworth: While I agree in full with the mercantilist acts you encourage, it may not be ideal to impose them now as they will only encourage a mob mentality protest against them since the colonists have been enjoying their “Salutary Neglect.” How might you suggest I and the other loyalist leaders enforce theses acts while not allowing these protests to become viable threats to us?

Questions to the Prime Minister:
1. Prime Minister, I applaud you for delegating you time to listen us and I only ask humbly for you superior advice. My question to you is how may I, the royal governor of New York, encourage acceptance of these acts in the colonies as their rejection of them is quite alarming as of now?]

2. Prime Minister, as colonial and loyalist tensions increase, how would you suggest to remove the threat of mob protest in...
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