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There are many different types of key influences on an individual’s learning processes and each of these all have either a positive or negative effect on the individuals learning processes. The types of key influences on an individual’s learning process are; •Previous learning and experiences

Specific learning need
Formal and informal learning
Learning style
Environment and access to resources
Attitudes to learning, (including aspirations, motivations and priorities) •Health
In this assignment I am going to discuss how five of these influences will effect an individual’s learning process. Learning is the achievement and development of behaviour, skills, knowledge, understanding and values. Honey and Mumford (1982) developed a theory about the way that adults learn. They identified four different learning preferences: •Reflector

Reflectors like to collect data, review and think about things in more depth before coming to any conclusions. They enjoy observing others and will listen to others views as well as giving their own views. Reflectors learn best when: •They are involved in observing individuals or groups at work. •They are reviewing what has happened and thinking about what they have learned. •They analyse their work.

They complete tasks without tight deadline.

Theorists like to think problems through step by step. Theorists learn best when: •put in complex situations where they have to use their skills and knowledge •they are in structured situations with clear purpose

they are offered interesting ideas or concepts even though they are not immediately relevant •they have the chance to question and probe ideas
Activists are people who like to be involved in new experiences and are passionate and enthusiastic about new ideas. They are also unlikely to review their learning. Activists learn best when: •They are involved in new experiences, problems and opportunities •They are working with others in a team

They are faced with a difficult task
Pragmatists like to try things out as they prefer practical learning. They tend to be impatient with difficult and long discussions. Pragmatists learn best when: •There are links between the topic and job.

They have the chance to try out techniques.
They are shown techniques with obvious advantages such as saving time.

Kolb also came up with a theory about how we learn. He came up with this cycle.

Formal and informal learning.
The first influence I am going to discuss is called formal and informal learning. Informal learning is personal. Informal learning is when the individual is accountable for gaining knowledge it is also where the individual intentionally gets the information for themselves via things such as textbooks, the internet, family members and media. Informal learning occurs more spontaneously and learning could occur by sharing experiences with others. Formal learning however, Formal learning occurs through a controlled and structured approach acquired through things such as education, employment and training programmes. There are many benefits of formal and informal learning. How formal learning will influence and benefit an individual’s learning process; Students will learn the same information at the same time so no one should miss out on any information given to them. From education the course content should be accurate and up to date to prevent confusion and out of date data. Formal training programs can also include a varied amount of methods to appeal to all learning styles which will suit every individual. Information given to students in things such as power points or documents should be put on the college website to make it easy fro students to access work if they have missed out or if they want to go back to them and collect information. How informal learning will influence and benefit an individual’s learning...
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