Heart of Darkness

Topics: Heart of Darkness, Africa, Colonialism Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: June 9, 2013
Kristijan Lovrić
S. Runtić, doc. dr. sc.
Survey of English LiteratureII
May 15, 2012
The Darkness of Kurtz’s Heart
The main theme of the novel Heart of Darkness is the darkness of the human nature and its destructive influence on human beings. This research paper aims to analyze the character and personal downfall of Kurtz and use him as an example for the darkness of the human nature. It will show how easily a man can experience bad fate; Kurtz was an ambitious man full of hope who came to Africa in search for wealth and fortune and ended up going insane and dying.

Kurtz is an agent of the Trade Company, in fact, one of the best agents. He works for them in Africa in an ivory country, collecting ivory, and he has the ability to collect a lot more ivory than any other man. He is an ambitious, charismatic person willing to do anything that is needed to achieve greatness. Although Kurtz is the main character of the story, most of the things we learn about him come indirectly to us; there are always some people who tell stories about him. His greatest desire is the one for gaining a fortune through ivory and that desire led him to Africa. But he did not do everything on his own will, he was a representative of the European colonizers, and he only did what they wanted him to do. Just to give an example, when he enslaved the natives and even slaughtered them at the Inner Station, the Trade Company did not do anything about that, they did not stop or accuse him. He was only praised for his talented capacity of collecting ivory. Kurtz was of the belief that he could achieve everything as he wished as long as he tried hard. He was also a very greedy person, as were all of the colonizers; it was a common characteristic for them. That way, he shows a great desire for fame, power and wealth. Kurtz had absolute power at the Inner Station; he had the ability to get everything and everyone under his control. Kurtz made clear statements what kind of men he...
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