Topics: Puritan, Colonialism, United States Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: September 30, 2013
The colonies of the new world were very different from each other from region to region, with revamping of colonies and economic opportunities. Began with Roanoke that turned out to be a colony that failed to be a colony and it did not prosper. In Virginia, the colonial system differed greatly from each region, according with the nation that ended up colonizing it. English colonies in the Northeast region differed from Spanish settlements in the Southwest because the spanish differed economically and religiously, in the difference that the puritans were hoping to establish a settlement to last them a long time while the Spanish conquistadors were working towards establishing a thin veil of influence affecting the economic development in both regions of European settlements and the religious future. The biggest difference between the Spanish settlements and the English Puritan colonies is that the Spanish arrived to America to convert the natives while the Puritans arrived in America for religious freedom and independence. The Spanish settled in the Southwest to accomplish the goal of finding “God, Glory and Gold.” The Spanish established influences over the Southwest, instead of worrying about long term settlements, the Spanish were busy converting natives to Catholicism. The Spanish only built strategic forts because their mindset was on converting natives but not all the natives agreed or they did not believe the Spanish had any control over them. Natives formed a pueblo revolt against the Spanish limitations on all their religious practices, because of the pueblo revolt the Spanish lost control of the Southwestern region for several years. However, The Puritan settlers of New England arrived to primarily escape the regalia of the Anglican Church and the persecution the Puritans faced in their mother country. The number one objective was to create societies that protected Puritan beliefs. The Puritans accomplished this goal fairly...
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