Historical Gobalization

Topics: Culture, Colonialism, First Nations Pages: 3 (1313 words) Published: May 27, 2014
Kevin Tran
Social Studies 10.1

Historical Globalization

Globalization is something that has evolved greatly over time, bringing prosperity to people and countries while bringing destruction to others. Globalization has caused many changes in the world, from the spread of cultures, technology, and medicine to the loss of cultures, resources, and lives. In each source a different aspect is highlighted, the first source is about imperialism where African countries were conquered by European nations, the second source talks about ethnocentrism where the Canadian government wanted First Nations to be more civilized, while the last source is about eurocentrism which talks about a man named Andre Thevet who believes that First Nations are savages and they can be less like savages if they follow the Christian fate.

The first source describes the scramble for Africa where many European countries raced to attain a piece of Africa; this source is an example of imperialism. Imperialism is one countries domination over another countries economic, political and cultural institution. The scramble for Africa is an example of imperialism because during the scramble many African countries were greatly affected. For example when Congo was conquered by the Belgians, the land was rich in rubber, ivory, and palm-oil. The Belgians took away all of resources and devastated the land as well as killing many of the indigenous people and putting many into slavery. The Belgians controlled the Congo’s economy, land, culture, and population for many years. Imperialism is an example of globalization because when you conquer and control a countries economy, land, and cultural institutions you can spread your influence and do whatever you want to the land.

The second source refers to the assimilation of First Nations by the Canadian government, which at the time were the British. They used many techniques to assimilate the First Nations and one of those ways were by...
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