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Topics: Spain, Portugal, Colonialism Pages: 3 (835 words) Published: June 23, 2015
Chapter 1
1. A
Chapter 2
1. Which event brought Queen Isabella to the throne in 1474? a. The death of her brother Henry
2. How did a sea route to Asia impact Europe?
a. The route allowed merchants to charge lower prices for imported Eastern goods 3. The government of which country sponsored Christopher Columbus’s 1492 exploration? a. Spain
4. How did Ferdinand and Isabella react to Columbus’s first voyage? a. They believed Spain could challenge Portuguese dominance of the seas 5. The Treaty of Tordesillas between Spain and Portugal in 1494 a.

6. The Portuguese explorer Pedro Alvars Cabral accidentally made land fall in a. Brazil
7. What was the significance of Magellan’s circumnavigation of the globe? a. Europeans learned that a westward passage to the East was possible, but not feasible 8. What was a result of contact and trade between the peoples of the Old and New Worlds? a. Contact and trade exposed Indians to devastating Old World diseases 9. Who did Cortes enlist to help defeat the Mexicans in 1521? a. Indians who resented Mexican rule

10. Who held the largest treasure found in the New World before 1540? a. Incas
11. What was Francisco Vasquez de Coronado searching for when he ventured into the Southwest and Great Plains of North America? a. The seven cities of Cibola
12. What was a long-term consequence of the catastrophic bubonic plague in Europe? a. The plague stimulated exploration of new marketplaces
13. The system of coerced labor in New Spain grew directly out of Spaniards’ assumption that a. Spaniards were superior to Indians
14. Which European power dominated the New World during the 1500s? a. Spain, because it had the most colonial possessions
15. Why did Spain introduce encomienda?
a. To reward conquistadors with the tribute and labor of the Indians 16. In 1549, the Spanish government issued the repartimiento, which a. Limited the amount of labor Indians had to perform
17. Which segment of the Spanish population made up...
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