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How does tobacco link British Empire and American development from 1600 onward?

The trade of tobacco was advantageous to both American development and the British Empire in the 17th and 18th century. Tobacco was first introduced to Europeans in 1492 when Columbus landed in the Americas. Columbus wrote in his diary, on October 15th, 1492, that he observed an Indian sailing in a canoe with water, food, and tobacco leaves.

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In 1663, the colonies were forbidden to receive any goods whatever in foreign vessels. The American colonies had to send all their produce, except rice, sugar, and skins, to England alone. Their grain, salt meat, fish, and rum had to be exported in English ships. They could raise the raw materials of silk and linen and manufacture them for their own use, but not for foreign markets. Though furs and wool abounded, they could not export hats, then chiefly made of beaver skins, but had to export the raw materials to England. They were not allowed to manufacture iron or steel, but had to import all they wanted from England.

On the other hand, only American tobacco could be sold in England, and American naval stores, such as timber, tar, and hemp received large bounties on importation into England, and had to pay much lighter import duties than similar goods from other countries.

It offered America independence from the British Empire, by allowing them to source their own trade using ‘tobacco’ exports from the Virginia Company of London. This therefore led to America having an independent income. This would allow America to enjoy steady development without bearing the burden of having help from ‘’the British Empire’’.
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