Impact of Imperialism

Topics: Colonialism, Africa, Culture Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Emily Salomone
Throughout history imperialism has been interpreted from a variety of viewpoints. While it was helpful on some accounts there were also several negative effects. Its positive effects were that the Europeans helped the undeveloped countries to be more civilized by introducing them to technologies and cultures they would have otherwise never known. On the other hand, most natives from these lands viewed it negatively because the whites were taking the land and freewill of the people and abusing them as well. To begin with, those from the nations that were using imperialism saw it in positive light. Imperialism led to many advancements in areas that they would not have normally been abe to produce . For example, O.P. Austin described in ‘Does Colonization pay’ a large list of benefits that the colonies receive from the modern progressive nations. He stated that “These places can yield tropical produce” and continued to say that “in return progressive nations develop the territory, establish schools and newspapers, and give the benefit of other blessings of civilization which they could not create themselves.” (Doc 1) He wrote this in The Forum and was trying to convince others of the goods that can be done from imperialism. Another positive effect is that he businesses needed imperialism to do well. Parker T Moore states that “Business interests demand that colonial markets should be opened and developed and that foreign competitors should be shut out. Such aims require political control and imperialism.”(Doc3) This shows that it was necessary and so a good thing to the businesses. The last positive effect is that imperialism brought religion to the lands. An African proverb states that “When the whites came to our country, we had the land and they had the bible, now we have the bible and they have the land.”(Doc 4) While whites taking the land may be a negative effect to discuss later the fact that they were sharing cultures and spreading...
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