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Old Imperialism:
Colonization and expansion of the European countries during this time to 1815 was termed old imperialism. Old imperialists generally steered clear of territorial claims and major players during this time were the Dutch, Portuguese and the Spanish. These imperialist countries were mainly concerned with trade monopoly and channeled their resources into establishing forts and ports essential for promoting trade. Wealth from non-interference trade was the main driving factor. Old imperialists recognized the economic burden in colonization as it could possibly lead to colonial wars and raise taxes, hence harming their economic interest. Therefore, old imperialists established themselves as crown enterprises which colonizes by means of treaties and alliances which prevented."Old" Imperialism, lasted from around 1500 – 1800. The old economics was pretty much all about trading, they simply bought the wares brought to them by the native merchants. They didn't have much of a money system; it was sort of a trade system.Also in old imperialism they had trade commerce on much of the coast in South America as well as Islands near Asia and England. So the wave of old imperialism was all about trading.Old imperialism's motives was mainly about bringing civilization to other countries, and teach them how to live.

New Imperialism:
Europeans colonized Africa and Asia by using military force to take control of local governments, exploiting local economies for raw materials required by Europe’s growing industry and imposing Western values to benefit the “backwards” colonies."New" Imperialism lasted from around 1870 – 1914.

They wanted to dominate politically, they wanted their politics to dominate and rule everything. They wanted to dominate in order to secure their investments.They didn't just want the goods of native merchants; they wanted special types of predicts. They would move into countries to get their products. Instead of having trade...
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