Imperialism- More Problems Than Benefits

Topics: Colonialism, Leopold II of Belgium, Europe Pages: 3 (980 words) Published: August 25, 2013
“Imperialism resulted in more problems than benefits”

In cases throughout the beginning of the 20th century, Imperialism has proven to result in dominantly more problems than benefits. Imperialism essentially describes the acquisition, administration and exploitation of an area of land and its youthful resources for the benefit of the power/s that control it. Usually the dominance of powerful empires using other countries for their productions ended in disaster and death. They tried to benefit from the gains of imperialism, taking over a country or territory with the intent of dominating the economic, political and social life of the people in the nation. Throughout the age of Imperialism; 1850-1914, the superior powers (empires) used the act of Imperialism to justify their motives. The causes of this were numbered, starting with the industrial revolution; that called for a need for resources to fuel industrial production in Europe and the United States. The resources would have had to come from Africa and Asia as their colonies were seen as barbaric and easily overtaken. There was economic competition between the European nations, for new markets to sell their goods. There was also a strong need for European nations to add colonies to their empires as a measure of national greatness. There was particularly an increase in racism, as the superior powers were more technologically advanced and believed that their ‘race’ was superior to others, fuelling the rise in racism. The many Europeans and Americans felt they had the right dominate the several people and colonies of Asia and Africa. Following the path of Social Darwinism; the idea that those who were fittest for survival and success were superior to others and because of this, Europeans felt they had the right and duty to bring progress to other nations and to Christianise their people, civilising them and ‘westernising’ them. Although through all the dominance of the early 20th century, there were some...
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