Impericalism and Colonialism

Topics: United States, Colonialism, Africa Pages: 3 (1055 words) Published: May 23, 2013
To think how the world we know today came to be is a sad and demoralizing but hopeful at the same time. It is sad to see how we arrived to our current state. Imperialism and colonialism were both heavy instruments used especially during the discovery of land in the western hemisphere of the world. Rich powerful nations in Europe like Great Britain, France, and Spain to name a few, sought to control this land without regard for the indigenous people and their lifestyles. But because of this, today we can reflect and see the wrongdoings of our ancestors and look towards the future and make sure we don’t do the same thing. Our generation is at a point like no other in history where we demand our natural rights, where we will not settle with the norm. Imperialism and colonialism are two similar terms which basically describe a country influencing or taking control of another nation or territory. Imperialism is more the idea or belief, while colonialism is more the actual practice of taking over or influencing another country/territory. The legacy that imperialism/colonialism has left is a negative one. However the thinking behind the nations or countries that imperialized and colonized others was a positive one, thinking it would improve both themselves and those they were taking over. However, as we study our history, we see that millions were killed, raped, and deprived of their land --not to mention their customs, traditions, and religions. Perfect example of this is the Spanish conquistadores. Due to the Spaniards, the Aztec people and their culture are virtually history, although there are still some people who embrace their Aztec decent in the Americas until this day, the number is very limited. One could argue for both extremes, that imperialism/colonialism was good and/or bad. A supporter of imperialism/colonialism may suggest it has helped countries industrialize creating amazing advancements in science and technology as we see in our daily lives. A...
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