King Leopold’s Ghost

Topics: Congo Free State, Leopold II of Belgium, Colonialism Pages: 11 (2822 words) Published: April 29, 2014
King Leopold’s Ghost this book is talking about Belgium’s king Leopold II and tyranny of his African colonies. For this story it happened in the later 19th century to the 20th century, Belgium’s king Leopold II have huge power to control Congo, he want his country become to more powerful and he want became to more rich , than rough use forced labor in his Congo to create wealth for their personal and country used. Two main aggressos

The first five chapters of King Leopold’s Ghost have two main characters that is Henry Morton Stanley and Belgium’s king Leopold II. From this story we can get know, one person was conquered the Congo River and other one was control Congo, they are both turned the Congo into a colony. Now we can take bake to kook of that to main characters. Two main characters:

Henry Morton Stanley, he is famous explorer in the 19th century, he was conquered the Congo River. There are have many unknown things hidden in his own version of the story of Henry Morton Stanley He grew up in a workhouse. John Roland travel to the United States in 1859, because he was tired of his identity and he want get new life. Than he change his name, so rest of his life is the called Henry Morton Stanley His pursuit is successful, the eyes of the Belgium’s king Leopold II. Belgium’s king Leopold II is remember a founder and exploitation of the Congo Free State. He is a German and British royal prince. He especially liked studying business and geography. This may be why he is so ambitious colony. After the death of his father, Leopold inherited the title of king, Belgium in 1835.Since then, he started to complete his dream of colony and amassing wealth. He from the government kept the secret, because he knows that they will not take the risk of expensive "investment”. He ways to learn to make money and manage the colonial empires from the UK and Europe. At the same time, he has been looking for a suitable place to trade. In the 1870 s, Africa seems to be the best to let him get a colony. Europeans think that Africa is a division. They all want to get the parts of Africa as a colony to get benefits. Although European empire have taken control of some parts of Africa, 80% of the continent is still controlled by the local rulers in Africa. In this context, Leopold began his conquest plans Africa by setting the smokescreen called the international association of Africa in 1876. During this time, rationally is an important transport hub for foreign trade Africa immediately attracted the attention of Leopold. “I do not ……. Losing a find chance to secure for ourselves a slice of this this magnificent African cake” (58). He knew that if he is charged with the task of Stanley said publicly in his name in parts of Africa, Britain will stop him. Therefore, in order to bypass the British, and he began to pursue Stanley slot him the name of the international association of Africa. In 1878, after the meeting, Stanley agreed to Congo, back to work on "explore", is actually to Leopold set up base in Congo. In this process, there are many black people were killed. But Stanley don't care about them, and even accused them of being lazy. On November 17, 1879, Leopold for his next step. He created a new organization, the international association of the republic of the Congo Congo's new ruling power. Then, using his army, he instructed Stanley forcing African heads of state signed their land, to give up his new association management authority. Signed more than 450 heads of their land for him, give him a complete trade monopoly. By then, the Congo is a considered to be a deserted land. Leopold, he tried to persuade those powerful country admits his new colony is legal in other powers found the main transport hub. In America, for example, Leopold with his own men in the United States government about his plans and promised they will release in Congo ointment in the South...

Bibliography: Hochschild Adam, King Leopold’s Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa. Boston, New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1998.
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