Late Development of Nationalism Among Filipino During Spanish Period

Topics: Colonialism, Philippines, Spain Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: August 18, 2013
The late development of nationalism among the Filipinos during Spanish period Nationalism is the emotion we get every time we think for our country. During the period of Spanish colonialism, there was no national feeling among Filipinos. Nationalism did not exist in the Philippines. The ideas of nationalism were filtered only through the Philippines in the nineteenth century. The Filipinos before were all under control of the Spaniards and the Spaniards made sure that the Filipinos would never have the hope to be free. Those people called “Filipinos” were Spaniards born in the Philippines and the indigenes were derogatorily were called “Indios”. The Indios were not united by words and deeds for that time the archipelago has different forms of language and there is no lingua franca. The revolts were not compact and are rather sporadic, thus resulting from their defeat against Spaniards. They also used primitive form of strategies in war and weaponry. Spanish rule in those times which our country was colonized was indeed abusive. Many of its colonies were abused by taking their lands, natural resources and its wealth. The Spanish policies were made for the benefit of the colonizers rather than for the betterment of the Filipinos. It was all for the benefit of the Spaniards in such a way that even friars and the church had its way of influencing the government. Spanish rule maybe seen and felt all over the place back then when the guardia civil was all around with their guns unto them that really scared the people on those times. The greed of the friars upon land and wealth was also a huge factor for the Filipinos to be anguish with their government. Filipinos during those times were treated as if they were the unaccepted in their own country. Those who were rich and powerful were the only ones at least treated fairly. The church like what the accounts say was abusive. Friars exploited in terms of overpricing tax collection. It was one of the reasons for why...
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