Learning Team Data collection

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Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc. (BIMS) is a nationwide company that provides housekeeping and foodservices to not only businesses but also large corporations. BIMS is competitive and the clientele list includes Fortune 100 businesses, numerous midsized firms, many major universities, over a dozen medical centers, and three larger airports. BIMS employs 452 employees, who include full- and part-time workers along with upper management. Even though the annual turnover rate is 55% to 60%, lately the rate has risen over 64%. Management has not been able to determine the root of the employee discontent, increased sick time, and poor work habits. The lower performance has caused clients to complain. Data Collection Instrument

The data collection tool to let workers express their views about their experiences at BIMS is an employee survey instrument. The survey collects information on attitudes, opinions, and levels of satisfaction from the 449 employees because the upper management is excluded. To figure out the root of the lowered morale, a ten-question survey was conducted. The survey includes questions on demographics that identifies the division the employee is assigned to, how long the employee has been employed, gender, and if the employee is management or not. Some questions include the company’s communications, the employee training, and if you enjoyed your assigned shift. Types of Data Collected

The types of data being collected are quantitative only because the data deals with numbers, categories, and the information is measurable. Ballard Integrated Managed Services is surveying all 449 employees to gather information as to why the morale has weakened in the past four months, sick time has increased and poor performance of the workers based on complaints from the hospital administration. The questions of communication, fairness and job satisfaction are all measurable data based on answers from employees. Using a ranking system...

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