Life in England vs. New England

Topics: Europe, Americas, Colonialism Pages: 2 (755 words) Published: October 7, 2013
“If you want to be successful you must be willing to pay the price. Your choice of currency should not be of paper money and golden coins but yet that of blood, sweat, and tears.” As the recognition of value in the Americas during the late 1500s and early 1600s began to develop in Europe, European countries began to travel to and colonize the land in which they believed had great potential. Life in England and New England could be similar and different in many ways like: survival, work life, and manifest destiny. First, survival in England life was a little rough for those who were not in at least a middle or upper class. During the 1600’s, life in England was characterized by dirty streets, foul odors, and over population. This condition was reflected in most towns across England, particularly London. People were not very rich and did not live in very good conditions. Their homes were made of wood, and water had to be fetched from taps. However, survival in New England could be a bit harsher. Less than half of the Pilgrim families that landed at Plymouth Rock survived the first winter on American soil due to disease and starvation. Fewer than 150 of the 700 Jamestown colonists’ survived the first three years on American soil. It wasn’t until both groups of displaced city dwellers learned from the Indians to grow corn and other crops, starvation was a huge problem.

Secondly, England was still a large rural society. The work life mainly consisted of farming. The most common occupation was a “husbandman”, a small farmer, who would grow enough food for himself and his family, and sell the rest. The farmer and his family would be partly or mainly self-sufficient. The farmer’s wife would normally be in charge of the poultry and dairy. She would also make household items like soap, candles, and home remedies for illnesses. Children would help out on the farm as soon as they were old enough. Towns were smaller than they are now, but were centers of trade and commerce....
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