Lion King

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Colonialism, European colonization of the Americas Pages: 3 (1121 words) Published: October 9, 2013

Relationships Between Natives and Europeans In The New World
The interactions and relations between European colonists and Native Americans were at times problematic and other times constructive, nevertheless transforming both cultures significantly. Before the arrival of Europeans, many native cultures occupied the lands and considered it to be their homeland with their own thriving culture and way of life. European settlers and explores invaded the area, only hoping to gain power, wealth, land, and control. With very aggressive attitudes, the Europeans considered their culture and society superior, causing a drastic change in lifestyle for the Native Americans. The consequences of contact between these two groups varied, some leading to the exchange of new ideas and resources, while others led to disastrous encounters. Readings from the Norton Anthology such as John Smith, William Bradford, and Mary Rowlandson all include different stories about the encounters between the Natives and Europeans. John Smith, an adventurous explorer and leader, arrived in Jamestown hoping to expand English colonization of the New World. Smith had several different encounters with the Natives. The first encounter was during the first few years of settlement when Smith and colonists’ were experiencing many hardships. Luckily, most of the Natives were welcoming to Smith and the Englishmen. The Natives saw their suffering and brought them food. “But now was all our provision spent, the sturgeon gone, all helps abandoned, each hour expecting the fury of the savages, when God the patron of all good endeavors, in that desperate extremity so changed the hearts of the savages, that they brought such plenty of their fruits, and provision, as no man wanted” (Smith, 84). Unexpectedly, the Natives were very hospitable to the colonists; bringing them so much food they were not able to eat it all. Throughout the many encounters Smith has with the Natives, he realizes that trade...
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