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Being a British mercantilist, I plead to the King to continue his policies on mercantilism. My job relies on the economy and business of mercantilism. I became a mercantilist to help my country try to free themselves from the dependence of other countries. Our main goal is to be more self-sufficient instead of relying on other nations. In order to obtain this goal, we had to create another goal to collect the largest amount of silver and gold possible. The most steady source of wealth right now is gold and silver, so we are trying to accumulate as much of that as possible to accomplish our goal. My fellow mercantilists and I are putting in tremendous work to help reach the top goal of gaining wealth. A route we took to try to assist in making it work agreeing with establishing new colonies. The purpose of creating new colonies was to obtain raw materials that included tobacco, indigo, and cotton. Once these materials were exported and made into finished goods, I was able to sell them to African countries. These countries imported the manufactured goods then traded slaves to The Americas. The Americas is where we get most of our raw material to make into finished goods. The colonies that were established allowed me and other mercantilists to be a source raw of materials but also act a market for manufactured goods.

Another reason I plea to the King to keep his policies on mercantilism is the Navigation Acts. The purpose of these acts was to make sure that all the products and profits that England made stayed in the British Empire. The acts excluded the British economy from other economies so the profits would stay within the empire. The Navigation Acts did not allow the sale of a few products from the colonies to Britain. The goods from the British colonies also were required to be shipped in British ships. If mercantilism were to be stopped for good, then the purpose for creating these acts would be pointless. I passionately ask the King to continue on...
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