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Colonial Settlement Brochure
Pretend that you are a travel agent working for the New
England, Middle, or Southern colonial region. Create a travel brochure that will catch the eye of a common European
person. Your job is to encourage people from Europe to move
to your colony and settle there. Be sure to include what the colony has to offer and what the colony does not. Identify
which region (New England, South, or Middle) you are
promoting and include pictures of your region.
Items to include:
1. Economics
• Jobs- How did they make money?
• Trade opportunities, what was traded?
• Food and Natural Resources, what can you
take from the land?
• Slavery/Indentured servants. Did they have
them, why/ why not?
2. Geography
• Geographic location, near what (ex. water)
• The type of land (good or bad)? Why?
• Names of each colony in the region
• The climate
3. Religion
•What religious groups settled there?

4. Culture
• Population- Who already lives there?
• Who founded each colony and for what
• Recreational activities-What did they do for
• Arguments for why it is better than the other
two regions.
• What were the region’s problems? What made
the colony look bad?

******Where do I find information about the colonies?
Mr. Pappas’ Website-Classroom Web Link

See sample brochure on the next page
(Please do not use any of the sample
information below in your project!)

Here in the Middle colonies you can build the
home of your dreams!

(Founded by Peter Minuit, 1638)

New Jersey
(Founded by English colonists, 1664)
And learn a skill that will bring you a fortune!

“Freedom and prosperity are just a boat
ride away. Come to the Middle colonies
and find out today.”

The Middle Colonies

New York
(Founded by Peter Minuit, 1626)

(Founded by William Penn, 1682)
Are you tired of the same old
surroundings in England?
Do you wish you could find a better
job and a different place to raise a
Are you sick of being persecuted and
put down by the King?

If you said YES to any of these
questions, then it is time for

you to come to the Middle
colonies and start a new life!!!

3. Education is very important to the
leaders of the Middle colonies.
2. Not a lot of money? Come to the
Middle colonies as an indentured
servant, and eventually receive your
own land!
1. It is a way to get away from the
oppression of the King!

This fine city could be your new home!

Top 10 Reasons to
move to the Middle

Come and practice your religious freedom

10. The climate is moderate, so crops can
be grown.
9. Less rain than there is in England.
8. Close to both farms and cities.
7. Having two port cities makes it easy
to trade.
6. It is a region of tolerance; the colonies
accept all types of people.
5. Religious freedom at its maximum is
found here.
4. Provides the perfect balance between
the New England and Southern

One of these beautiful new homes could be all

The Middle colonies are a place filled with fun
and joy for all!

Colonial Brochure Project – Rubric




Total Points:





The brochure is
aesthetically pleasing and
would attract viewers to it.
The brochure is neatly put
together and shows that the
students put a great deal of
time and effort into the
assignment. The students
used a good amount of
pictures to represent the
colonial region.
The information on the
brochure fully satisfies and
exceeds the parameters of
the project. Students
display that they did a
good amount of outside
research to acquire
material for the brochure
from multiple outside

The brochure is neat and
well put together but...
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