Military Intervention in Politics

Topics: Civilian control of the military, Colonialism, Military Pages: 3 (657 words) Published: December 22, 2011
Shumaila Mumtaz
M.phil 1st
Introduction to Social Theories

I have selected the military as the subject of research paper because I want to explore the role of military in every sphere of life. In the current crucial political situation of Pakistan, military is an important factor.

From 1947 to up till present day, the intervention of military is very obvious in all regimes, either directly or indirectly. First military acquire political strength in the country, which preceded the economic strength of military.

At the present day, military has gained a influential place in the Pakistan. I want to see through research whether this influential place of military in state is continued process from British colonial period to post-independence period.

What are the factors behind the expansion of military role i.e. what policies of British were adopted and which policies of British were not continued in this new state, and what new approaches have been adopted to make the military strong that it is effecting the social, Political and religious sphere of Pakistani society. From the very beginning of history, the military intervention in the state making affairs has been very common phenomenon, not only in Pakistan, but also in many other countries of the world, military is considered very important element in the function of a country.

In fact military is one of the vital organs of the state. How ever, in some countries, mostly in Post-colonial states, the military becomes deeply involved in the politics. And dominate many other institutions such as in Pakistan.

The survival became primary concern of these states, as in case of Pakistan, when Pakistan came into being, it had the security threat from India, so military intervened in the politics claiming that political parties are weak, they can not administer the country.

Military intervention in politics then in other domestic affairs and to promote peace and security gave a base to...
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