Moral Decline in America

Topics: United States, Morality, Adolescence Pages: 3 (942 words) Published: October 25, 2012
October 3, 2012
It is no secret that the United States is on a spiraling moral decline. The overall morals of the people have been changing steadily since the beginning of civilization. America, which was founded on a spiritual basis, has been turning its back on the morals that this very nation was established upon. The United States has now become a place in which television, internet, newspapers, and media in general scream moral decline, as well as a place where parental discipline has dwindled away to nearly no form of discipline at all. The fact is: America’s morals are declining. Movies and television are an obvious part of everyday American life; however with such a habit of watching the screen, one’s mind has the power to be influenced and their morality to be questioned. It has been recognized that the average American child spends at least 28 hours a week, either watching T.V., surfing the web, etc. “The average American will also witness approximately 20,000 simulated deaths in his or her lifetime.  Violence has been so glamorized that it can be found almost everywhere in media” (Parents). While this data should be shocking, it is really no surprise that this is the kind of media one’s mind is being exposed to. Because of the moral decline taking place in the United States, most any child would not view televised violent death as anything grotesque while decades ago such violence would never be exposed to the young mind, or any mind for that matter. America seems willing to sacrifice its views and others morals for the gain of the money made by these movies and T.V. shows. Movie ratings have recently been viewed by much of the public as skewed. Movie producers and raters make it their goal to make what could be an R rated movie a PG-13, so as to attract a wider spectrum of viewers. “These restrictions can severely limit the amount of money your film will make, as teens form a huge part of movie audiences” (Parents). The morals...
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