Topics: Dominican Republic, Merengue music, Salsa music Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: February 28, 2014

As a Dominican Merengue, Bachata, Salsa, Perico Ripiao, Mambo and many other typical music genres are a must know. I mean what Dominican doesn’t know about these music genres. I danced Bachata and Salsa with this girl at this party. I honestly don’t remember the occasion, must I say Dominicans party for any and every reason. The party was in front of my grandmother’s house and across from the local bodega. The moon shined bright in the sky illuminating the night and making it perfect for the occasion. Unfortunately it was summer and the heat was unbearable, it had gotten worse since we arrived. My family and I arrived a week before for our annual vacation trip. Even with the crazy heat I still danced closely to the girl, sweat started to drip from my forehead. I span her around and showed her some of my smooth moves, she danced quite smooth herself. Just when I was really feeling the Salsa that was playing, the song was changed and a Perico Ripiao started to play. I gave her an apologetic look because I knew about Perico Ripiao however I did not know how to dance it. “It’s easy just listen to the beat of the conga and the tempo of the guira.”She said and I laughed. “It’s not as easy as you make it sound.” She gave me a look. “You’ll never know until you try.” For some reason those words were like a challenge to me. I listened carefully and I could hear every single instrument individually. I grabbed her hand and started dancing. She smiled at me because she knew well that I could do it .After that day every typical song I heard sounded different and my curiosity just grew bigger and bigger I was hungry for knowledge, knowledge about how these melodies were put together. My family and I prepared to go visit my aunt in the countryside. All I thought about was checking out the typical music live spots and enjoying the sound of the instruments live. I wonder all the time how is it that I never thought about it like this. I was surprised to find out that my...
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