Parental Negligence Is the Main Cause of the Social Problems Among Youngsters

Topics: Divorce, Marriage, Time Pages: 3 (1073 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Parental negligence is the main cause of the social problems among youngster

As we already know that we are no one without our family as indeed blood is thicker than water as family always comes first and it is our utmost priority. However, majority of parents nowadays neglect their children and pay more attention on their career and making more money. In my humble opinion, parents at this stage are unconscious about their children and they are extremely engross with other obligations outside their house such as their vocations. It can be proved on our currently daily news about drug abuse, smoking, truancy, gangsterism and illegal racing which is most involved by teenagers. We can see most of them are from collapse family. Therefore, I am fully convinced that parents inattention are leading to the countless outstanding occasion of the social ills among children at this moment. In this essay, I will discuss three negative cause of parental carelessness, namely its career, divorced parents and making more money. First and foremost, parents at this time being more and more concentrate to their careers. They are too busy with their works so that they spend all their time on their career. Moreover, they did not realize that spend time with their children is much more essential than buy whatever their children want. Thus, teenagers nowadays wish for love and attention from their parents, not money. The children who fall preys to crimes normally have parents that have enourmous career. This is because their parents have no time to spend with them and did not instil any good moral values in them still young. For instance, we can see some of parents whom works as teachers have too much programmes and activities in their school. It can be said that almost of their time were spent on their works, like teaching their students at school time, and having extra class after school time and also tuition in afternoon and night. This case leads to negligence...
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