Parenting Plan

Topics: Parent, Morality, The Opportunity Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: September 30, 2013
1) Find the suitable mate and establish ourselves in a loving permanent home and become financially sound. 2) I would have three children, fairly close together in age so that they form close bonds within the same time era. 3)Immediately they would be brought made a part of a Christian lifestyle and taught to understand the Bible as the living word. 4)The rules may tend to be old fashioned by basically to respect your parents and contribute to all work necessary to run the household i.e., chores, learning time, electronic time, family time and social/play time. These would all be adjusted to age appropriateness. 5)Teach them that they are an individual and have the latitude and opportunity to become what they feel they should be without expectations from their parents. 6)Develop their sense of the arts in whatever form is naturally displayed and give them the opportunity to do so. Support them even if they are not the best in that endeavor. 7)Teach them to love and respect animals. Should pets be in the home, show them the responsibilities involved and making the animal a part of the family. 8)Teach them to love nature and spend time enjoying it whether sitting outside soaking it in through play or sports. 9)Discipline would hopefully work through explanation and correcting actions without any spankings but in the event it doesn’t, and is appropriate, should be used. 10)Since each person is a unique creation, provide them with necessary outside support whether it is physical or mental through medical, mental or spiritual services and counseling. 11)Teach them the world is not a bad place but good and how to view worldly actions. 12)Limit exposure to violence through electronic playing devices and make sure only appropriate levels are available in the home. 13)Strive to set a good example of all the above.

14)Pray it all works.
I would be an authoritative parent who does have the rules and guidelines set in place and adheres to them. In...
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