Perspectives of the European Imperialists in the Late 1800s

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In the late 1800s and early 1900s, imperialism was at its peak with innovation and expansion. In this essay, I will discuss the perspectives of the European imperialists and colonized people during the crucial time in history. The people in power during this era felt as though their efforts to develop and conquer certain lands granted in mutual benefit of the lands’ citizens. The colonized people, however, had different opinions.

According to Joseph Chamberlain, in 1897, Great Britain supplied an immense amount of employment and market share to its expanding colonies. According to Frederick D. Lugard, the people of Waganda gained knowledge of agricultural skills mechanical and artisan work. This, Lugard states, rendered the land to be more productive and have an influx of products that were purchased. Lord Frederick claims that the recovery of the swamps and arrogation of deserts in Africa was due to the efforts of the Europeans by use of their railways and roads. He, also, claims that the Europeans “have added to the prosperity and wealth of those lands...” While there may have been improvements to these lands, the treatment, in which, he colonized people endured is questionable.

Jwaharlal Nehro, the author of The Discovery of India, states that Great Britain exploited the Indian Economy detrimentally. During British reign in India, British parliament disconnected the East India Company from supplying and manufacturing Indian goods within the country itself. The British, on the other hand, had all access to the goods. Nehru states, “The Indian Textile Industry collapsed, affecting vast members of weavers and artisans.”

The mistreatment of the Koreans by the Japanese was also a large factor in the corrupt setting during imperialism. According to Radio Korea International, the Koreans were forced to be molded and shaped into the Japanese culture. Policies indicted that the people that the people of Korea had to change...
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