Positve and negative effects on imperialism

Topics: Colonialism, Africa, Nationalism Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: February 18, 2014
Imperialism is when a mother country takes over a smaller nation or colony for political, social, and/or economic reasons. Imperialism has been a major force in shaping the modern world. The effects of Imperialism have been interpreted from a variety of viewpoints. This major Imperialism occurred during the late 19th Century and early 20th century. It had more negative effects in the modern world today then positive effects.

A positive effect is seen in document one called "Modern Progressive Nations," it shows how the larger nations gave to the smaller colonies. The nations built them roads, canals, and railways. Showed them the telegraph, newspaper, established schools for them, gave them the blessing of their civilization, and overall made them economized. They were part of modern culture after this occurred. Another positive effect is seen in document three called "Colonial Governments and Missionaries. " It shows how the colonial governments introduced improved medical care, and better methods of sanitation. There were new crops; tools and farming methods, which helped, increase food production. These changes meant less death to smaller colonies, and overall improve the state of living. They now could live longer and have better sanitation compared to the earlier imperialism.

A negative effect is seen document two-called "Colonization." In the picture you can see that the colonies doing the mother countrys hard work did not civilize the smaller colonies. They were put to work as cheap labor. They had no freedom, had to do what the mother country said since it has so much towering power over them, they were exploited and were taken advantage of. Another negative effect is seen in document four called "Missionaries." In this quote you can see that when the white people came to the Africans they had nothing but power over them. They came with the Bible and no land, and instead took their land and forced the religion Christianity upon them. In document...
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