Post-Colonial Countdown to Mental Destruction and Eradication of Culture

Topics: Postcolonialism, Colonialism, Logic Pages: 3 (1144 words) Published: July 22, 2014
A Critique of a Critique
The article “A Post- Colonial Countdown to Mental Destruction and Eradication of Culture: A Literary Analysis of Purple Hibiscus” by Ashlee Ebanks speaks to the complex issue of Post Colonialism and how such is displayed in the text. Ebanks starts her critique with vivid imagery that shows the reader the kind of dark elements that are presented in the text. These ‘dark’ elements suggest to the reader that the things mentioned are perpetuated by a sole individual. Ebanks then juxtaposes this individual’s presence against the main character/ narrator and the setting of the novel; Nigeria. While this juxtapositioning is being displayed, Ebanks introduces a more concrete presentation of the issue of Post Colonialism in the last sentence of her second paragraph. This is where the reader realizes fundamentally that an individual is really responsible for the representation of Post Colonialism in the text. The first paragraph of Ebank’s literary work, showed the initial stages of Post Colonialism in the sense that she detailed who was affected by it and who perpetuated it; Kambili’s family and Papa Eugene. Ebanks also shows the reader her first arguments; the hardships the family faces as a result of Papa Eugene being a Post Colonial construct and the dominion that is common throughout the novel because of Post Colonial influences. Coupled with this, is Ebanks’ overall dissemination of the idea of the negative effects and influences of Post Colonialism. Ebanks presents many arguments in support of her critique. One that is shown early in the dissertation is that of Papa Eugene ‘being the aftermath of colonialism’. This view is highly logical and is further supported when Ebanks speaks of Papa Eugene’s control of his family and his ‘contradictory religious beliefs.’ Much of what is promoted in the novel ‘Purple Hibiscus’ adds cogency to this argument. Another thought that supports the one mentioned before is Ebank’s idea of ‘Nigerian culture...
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