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I had that "AHHA" moment was when i learned about gratitude,to count my blessings,the significance of the words "Thank you" when i read the book called The Magic. Being grateful has taught me to stay positive in all situation i come across by just exercising gratitude on all that has worked out for me or i have been blessed with. I have learned that if i am grateful it set into motion to bring more things to be grateful for.

I have also learned that most successful men and woman who have made it to the books of history were grateful people who exercised it. To mention a few the likes of Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Einstein and Buddha who wants said " You have no cause for anything but gratitude and joy"

Learned that the universe operates by the law of attraction, what you send out or give out you will, surely attract, like attract like, this can be through your thoughts, what you say ( negative/ positive). I was deeply moved by this knowledge and it has changed my life completely. At first i shared this insight with my close friend and now with everyone i have a meaningful conversation with. I am a more happier person and my perspective has changed, now i can say i am really grateful person.


Traditional Psychology:

See culture as an impediment or obstruction
Assume psychological processes as fixed and deeply hidden within an individual Sharp distinction made between the knowing subject and the object of his knowledge The knower is Soliditary
Self is regarded as bounded, autonomous, defined in terms of internal attributes independently of social and contextual factors Seeks objective knowledge
Said to b e value - free
Also known as self contained individualism or Independent view of self.

Cultural Psychology:

Cultural tradition and social practices regulate, express and transform the human psyche resulting in less psychic unity Subject & object, self and other, psyche and culture, person and context, figure and group, practitioner and practice live together and make each other up. Subject and object of knowledge are interdependent

Meanings realised by participating in symbolic systems afforded by culture Is not value-free

Indigenous Psychology:

Defined as cultural view, theories, conjunctures, classifications,assumptions and metaphors embedded in social institutions Studies mental processes and behavior within a cultural context knowledge arise from social and cultural contexts

Investigates everyday behavior the laboratory
Aims to address needs of people
Draws on strategies already put in place in their past or history to deal with issues and problems

Critical Psychology:

Reflect on diverse ways in which people of various culture and classes create meaning in their lives and reflect on their lived experiences Psychological knowledge is grounded in social historical contexts Locates human value, motivation and behaviors within their cultural contexts Should produce research that furthers needs of developing communities


Blending and importing of foreign or western methodical and theoretical frameworks and transform them to suit the needs of indigenous communities. Takes place at structural, substantive and theoretical levels


That traditional psychology does not take into account traditional systems into consideration when developing communities. That they marginalize those groups to a point that their needs are ignored which are embedded in their meaning they have towards life and the relationships they have with other beings. I agree that the individual does not live in isolation but is groomed by cultural, historical and social context.


(i) Person hood and becoming in African thought,

Person hood relates to a process of...
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