relations between colonies and britain

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How accurate is it to describe relations between the Mother Country and the American Colonies as peaceful and harmonious in the years 1740-63?

During the years of 1740-63 the relations between Britain and the American colonies was to some extent mainly peaceful and harmonious. The economic growth gained by Britain as a result of trading and becoming a supplier changed the way the colonists perceived the British as now they were actually helping them. Even though the British never planned to treat the colonists with a feeling of salutary neglect, it worked out well for both sides. This was due to the British not have to take too much care over the well being of the colonists, as they mainly sorted out themselves with a governor and assemblies to decide their fate. These are some reasons why their relations were primarily peaceful.

By 1740 13 British colonies had been established in America , as there was plentiful land , resources and food the population was growing. The colonies from the Motherland were 3 thousand miles apart , so communication between the British government and the colonies was very hard as journeys took around 2-3 months. This meant that Britain could never take full control of everything that the colonists done, therefore governors and assemblies decided their outcomes, laws and everything else. Giving the colonists a feeling of independence and freedom from being stuck under the control of Britain. The colonists liked the idea of salutary neglect and the British liked not having to pay too much attention and consideration for their lives . This hands-off approach by the British, created a good balance in relations between them both. Parliament gave little attention to the colonial affairs and few colonists actually gave much thought into the relationship with the Mother country . This shows that both British and the colonies believed their rights and political were fitted to the British constitution , however adapted to each individual...
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