Relations Between Spain and Indigenous People

Topics: Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Latin America, Spain Pages: 4 (1545 words) Published: April 26, 2006
Relations between the Spanish and the Indigenous peoples

Spanish colonization started in 1492 when Cristoforo Colombo, Christopher Columbus, arrived in the West Indies .1 Even though Columbus was on route to find a easier, quicker route to India, he stumbled upon an unknown land full of exotic new people, plants, and animals. Columbus was the first Spanish American to come to America, but many more Spanish explorers would follow after him; including Cortes, Aguirre, and Pizarro. The Spanish seemed to be fascinated with what riches the new land would provide them. Their lust for the new goods made them ambitious, selfish, and untrustworthy. They couldn't even trust each other, never mind culturally different people. From the beginning the Spanish acted against each other, in rivalry's such as Columbus versus Francisco, and Aguirre versus Ursua. The relations between the Spanish and the indigenous peoples evaporated quickly because of the Spanish lust for wealth and the religious missionaries forcing their ways upon the native peoples.

From the first moment the Spanish took step on American soil, they believed themselves to be superior than the natives. "Columbus took formal possession of the island for the Spanish crown"2 The Spanish had no consideration for the peoples who already inhabited the area. The first time Columbus encountered the native people, he thought "they were handsome and similar to the Canary Islanders, but they wore no clothes."3 The way the natives dressed was primitive and savage, according to the European way of dress. Also, when Columbus first met the Taino people he "attempted to learn if they had gold"4 Columbus also "captured local people to serve as guides and interpreters"5 Every explorer, once in Spanish America, speaks and thinks of gold constantly. The thought of wealth, fame, and fortune drove the Spanish to the Americas in the first place. Columbus traveled to the Americas because he wanted to find a better trade route to...
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