Research on the British Empire During Ww1

Topics: British Empire, Colonialism, United Kingdom Pages: 2 (717 words) Published: December 12, 2012
The foundation of the British Empire was when England and Scotland were separate kingdoms. The Brits were a sea-faring nation and were key players in the voyages of discovery of the 15th century onwards. As land was discovered it was claimed for the crown, as in this case; Australia, New Zealand and parts of Africa - although they ended up having to fight for territory in the Boer War. They lost the American colonies after a tea party in Boston. India was a slightly different case as it was colonized by the East India Company, a private commercial concern, but eventually the expanding British Empire took it over as part of the empire. The main reason why Britain chose to create an empire was because at the time that the empire began, the riches of the world were up for grabs - gold and diamond mines, slaves, ivory, tea and coffee, silk, anything the fashion required. In most cases Britain got there first and was able to get everything and anything they wanted. However, other countries (who were not part of the empire) soon began trading and shipping which also began causing trouble. Overall there are as many negative reasons of having an empire as much as there is positive. That is why I will be evaluating whether having an empire was good or bad. Starting with the positive points, one is that just by having an empire was a huge advantage as Britain could easily trade with its colonies like India for cotton and tea, with Jamaica for tobacco, etc. Buying primary products for cheap and selling the tertiary product for a far higher price back to the same countries meant that they earn money to spend on improving the military forces, the navy, the government and other necessary things. Britain’s Empire covered one quarter of the land on the whole globe and one fifth of the world’s population. Some of Britain’s many colonies were India, Canada, Australia, Jamaica, about a third of Africa and many others. This made it really hard to fight back against the British...
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