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Romanticism is a movement in the arts and literature that originated in the late 18th century, emphasizing inspiration, subjectivity, and the primacy of the individual. Romanticism originated in Germany and England in the mid-18th century, with people studying folk songs and old ballads like poetry. The new Romantic Movement was about being simple, unlike the previous centuries of being grandeur.

One of the changes that the Romantic Movement brought in literature was the spread of Shakespeare’s work. Before he had just been considered a comedy writer for a theater in London, now he was considered a genius writer and highly revered. Other works that became popular during the Romantic Movement were gothic and medieval stories and art. Not only did art change, but so did people’s beliefs and values. Christian stories were once respected, but during the Romantic period, many were transformed for artistic treatment.

Not only did people begin to view their religion differently, but also their views on their individualism. The Romantic Movement occurred the same time as the Industrial Revolution, so many who were once peasants or just middle class had a chance to “move up” the social ladder. However, during this time, the public became less concerned with social classes and put more worth with individual success and prosperity. People also began to put worth into love and building the foundation of love in order to have a successful relationship. These ideas still affect us today, with the idea of “finding ourselves” and having a “soulmate”. The American dream is built on the notion of being able to improve oneself and to be reinvent ourselves.

European imperialism was different in Africa than it was in Asia. When European countries took over Asian cities and countries, they mostly kept them the same by utilizing their resources for trade. For example, the Asian coast cities were used as ports for European benefit. Some of this was true in African countries as...
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